My Recent Visit To Palawan

NONE among those who have been to Palawan would say "no" when asked if they want to visit the place again. I've heard nothing but very good feedbacks about this place.Half curious and half thirsting for another one of those rewarding vacations, I joined my friends and headed for Palawan... We stayed in Puerto Princesa. But be it El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Aman Pulo, or wherever... Palawan offers nothing but good and happy memories for its visitors to pack and bring home with them when their stay is over.


AT THE AIRPORT tourists are met by different local travel agencies with different tour package deals offered to arriving visitors. It doesn't matter which of those agents you pick to act as your guide/s around Palawan as they all offer equally good and satisfactory services. Palawan's political leader has really done a good job out there. Almost zero crime rate, honest local citizens, clean environment, and they protect everything they have in Palawan from Wild toMarine Life. My best guess is... 90% of Palawan locals are HONEST.

We CHECKED IN in a hotel located just right in front of a nice beach...and we got to enjoy the sunrise every single morning of our entire stay in Puerto Princesa. The sunrise via vastness of the China Sea. From dusk till dawn-the sight that embraced me gave me a feeling of being in paradise that will never cease to amaze me.

Places we visited were: Honda Bay- form this Bay, we took a boat ride to get to Pandan Island. Most of those who take the Honda Bay tour prefer to have their lunch served in Pandan Island. Maybe it's because of these nice bamboo cottages and the cool breeze that make them eat with more gusto than ever. My first taste of underwater experience took place here in Pandan Island and Snake Island came next. Snake Island gave me a very exciting, unforgettable first time underwater experience. It was so cool!! Star Fish Island- is a nice place to visit too but owing to safety reasons, when the current is strong, there are times when visitors are not allowed to hop in this island.

PAMBATO REEF- is another cool site within Honda Bay! The waters in this area is kind of deep but the fun and excitement of having able to see all those beautiful corals below you, can surely take away your breath and so do your fears. When I saw all those beauties down there, I wished I were a real diver so I could go deeper and enjoy the underwater sights immensely!!

CROCODILE FARM, is another place not to miss when in Palawan.

St. Paul's Underground River, Dos Palmas, and many more. To understand the people of Puerto Princesa even more, we also visited different historical sites, commercial areas, and other beautiful sites around. They also offer very good food at very reasonable prices. Visiting Palawan has become another memory that I would cherish for life.

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